In the WPTalkLink project, we are committed to creating a space that respects and values every individual. Our manifesto is rooted in the principles of respect, inclusivity, and openness, and these extend to people of all genders, sexual orientations, countries of origin, languages spoken, religions practiced, and beyond.

We’ve designed this platform to be accessible and easy to understand, so we can encourage the free and fair exchange of ideas, and meaningful connections.

As part of maintaining this respectful atmosphere, we have a moderation system in place. This ensures our community remains a safe space where people can learn, share, and grow together.

The WordPress Community is renowned for being one of the most respectful communities worldwide, and at WPTalkLink, we aim to uphold and extend this reputation.

Sponsorship Transparency

At WPTalkLink, we are deeply committed to connecting and strengthening the WordPress Community. Your sponsorship is invaluable to us and plays a significant role in the fulfillment of our mission. Through your support, we are able to continually evolve, innovate, and make a meaningful impact within the community we serve.