WPTalkLink Begins: Let’s Learn Together

Welcome to the first entry. After a while working on the project, I have opened the doors and shown the project to the WordPress community. It’s a significant date, because these days coincide with WordCamp US, so many people I appreciate will be attending there.

The platform is almost ready, but we are open to anyone who wants to join and understand what this project is, and what will happen here. Your involvement could shape the future of this community-driven initiative, so you can now fill out the form and start with this platform.

The website wants to be very fast, so we have chosen an FSE template, with very basic tweaks. And some custom programming that is still in the works. We’re taking the time to ensure everything runs smoothly.

In the next few days, I’ll publish a public roadmap of many things that I’m working on. Stay tuned for updates, and together let’s make this platform a thriving hub for the WordPress community!

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